Talent Acquisition

TSP partners with clients who want to find and use better information to make decisions about their human capital.  Organizations are under increasing pressure to bring exceptional talent on-board and demonstrate the effectiveness of the processes charged with making that happen.

We consult with our clients throughout the talent acquisition lifecycle, including:

  • Selection Process Design:  We design end-to-end selection processes which can include a wide variety of methods, including pre-screens, personality and cognitive assessments, interviews, and simulations.
  • Validate and Demonstrate ROI:  We validate selection systems to ensure their job-relatedness and legal defensibility.  We analyze your data (or collect it ourselves) to show the bottom line impact of your talent programs.
  • Candidate References: Our process begins with designing a structured form or utilizing our client's current reference form. We contact industry peers/provided contacts to assess candidates on personal and professional attributes ranging from communication skills and teamwork to leadership abilities and integrity.
  • Develop and Evaluate RFP’s:  We partner with you to understand the current state of your talent acquisition processes, understand future requirements, construct RFP’s, identify vendors, and evaluate responses.
  • Custom Assessment Content Development:   We write technical knowledge items, behavioral and business case interviews, simulations, and role plays tailored to the specific need of your business.

To learn more about how we partner with clients to build and evaluate innovative talent acquisition processes, contact Chad Thompson, Ph.D. at chad.thompson@taylor-strategy.com