Talent Management

TSP understands that getting the right talent in the organization is just the first step.  Once you get them there, continual emphasis on development and engagement helps build future leaders and maximize productivity.  Our work in talent management is varied, including projects focused on:

  •  Onboarding and Coaching:  We work with employees to maximize their potential through targeted coaching and mentorship.  We develop trust-based relationships with our partners and provide them with objective and honest feedback and recommendations.
  • 360º Interviews and Surveys:  We conduct interviews and surveys with the team surrounding an employee to get a clear picture of current performance.  Results help high potentials see how others perceive them and provides insight into development planning.
  • Succession Planning: We use our assessment tools to profile each employee who may be considered for an internal opening, either immediate or in the long-term.  We understand where your openings are likely to occur and build development plans for top candidates so they are ready at the right time.

To learn more about how we partner with clients to manage and engage talent,  contact Chad Thompson, Ph.D. at chad.thompson@taylor-strategy.com